Wellington (New Zealand) Travel Guide

Wellington Information

Although its name has not been heard much, Wellington is one of the most modern and livable cities in New Zealand. This city, which draws attention with its different culture and especially its locals with thousands of years of history, is also the capital of New Zealand. Wellington, the most populous city of the Oceania continent, has a population of 410 thousand. In fact, although this population is a very low figure for a huge area of ​​490 square kilometers, this is enough to be the most populous city of the continent. The mother tongue in the city is English. It is the most populated city of New Zealand in the Maori race.

Wellington History

One of New Zealand’s historic cities, Wellington is also known as its political center. This city directs New Zealanders both economically and politically. In this city, which has a long history, especially the native Maori race has participated in or forced to participate in many tough wars. This, in fact, played a very important role in the decline of their population by entering many wars, especially the Battle of Waterloo. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand in 1865, draws attention with its modern and calm life.

Places to Visit in Wellington

Pope Tongarewa at the Museum of New Zealand is one of the top places to visit in Wellington, the perfect art center of the Oceania continent. Some other places we can recommend to visit;

ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary is one of the birdhouses where you can watch native bird species and their lives.

Wellington Botanic Garden is a botanical garden and we can say that you have never seen such a place before.

Wellington Cable Car is the common name of the system that you will generally travel in this city.

Wellington Zoo is a wonderful zoo that usually hosts pandas.

Matiu / Somes Island awaits you as an island famous for its penguins.

Beehive is a region that will amaze you with its architecture.

Space Place at Carter Observatory appeals to Physics, Mathematics and Geography lovers as a planetarium and observatory.

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