Valparaiso (Chile) Travel Guide

Valparaiso is one of the most important centers of Chile as a port city. There are dozens of places in this city where you can spend time and it is really bloody people. Therefore, you can experience an excellent tourism excitement with peace of mind. Valparaíso, which is very rich in history, settlements and things to do, is also a friendly host with its local people. This city, whose population is only around 300 thousand, hosts the majority of the population with architectural buildings located on the shore. Spanish is spoken as a native language.

History of Valparaiso

Changos is the first local population to settle in Valparaíso, but today its population is very low. The date was 1536 when it was discovered by Juan de Saavedra. In general, this city emerged as a more democratic region in the late 18th century. Today, social and historical effects of countries such as Britain and the USA have started to increase. However, it is known that the Spaniards had quite high profile historical reflections here before.

Places to Visit in Valparaiso

There are great places to visit in Valparaíso. Some of those;

Reñaca beach is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the American continent.

La Sebastiana Museo de Pablo Neruda, home of Pablo Neruda, one of the important names in Chilean history, and his works are exhibited here.

Quinta Vergara is home to a wonderful amphitheater and ballet venue. So you will be able to have a great time with your children here.

Viña del Mar Botanical Garden can be seen as a paradise with its lush parks and gardens.

Baburizza Palace is one of the exciting places that can be exemplified by the fine arts museum.

Paseo Gervasoni has the most famous squares of socialism as an area of ​​souvenirs and bazaars.

Plaza Sotomayor is a beautiful bazaar that offers you great options in terms of architecture and tourism.

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