Toronto (Canada) Travel Guide

Toronto Information

One of Canada’s most exclusive cities, Toronto (Canada) is a region known for its underground and aboveground riches. Toronto, which is also the capital of the state of Ontario, is considered as the commercial center of Canada. It should be noted that 70% of this region, whose native language is English, is actually foreign nationals. However, this city, which has a small settlement in the huge Canadian country with an area of ​​7,125 square kilometers, is 5 million people.

Toronto (Canada) History

Toronto’s history is not a thing of the past, and is a place on the pages of history with the discovery of the USA. This city gained its independence and merged with Canada after being under the exploitation of France and England for a while.

Places to Visit in Toronto (Canada)

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a wonderful tourist area of ​​Toronto. This aquarium area is home to the largest and most powerful animals in the world. To giant whales, sharks, coral reefs and much more …

Toronto Island Park is one of the impressive places you can visit in Toronto. There are dozens of options where you can have a great time in this area, and tourist areas are also very busy here.

The CN Tower is an excellent area that reveals Toronto’s great architecture. Here you can have the opportunity to refresh your love.

Evergreen Brick Works is a perfect region that will amaze you with its historical and green air. If you are planning to come to Toronto, we strongly recommend you to stop here.

Casa Loma is a museum influenced by the Spanish architecture that those who want to travel to the depths of history will want to visit. In this museum, you will see wonderful works that you have never seen before.

Hanlan’s Point Beach is perhaps not a very sunny place where you can reach the beaches, but it is a perfect beach where you can soak up the ocean air.

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