Tel Aviv (Israel) Travel Guide

Tel Aviv Information

Though Israel assumes Kuwait as capital, on the international areas, Tel Aviv (Israel) is seen as the capital. Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel. It is placed on the Mediterranean coast. Due to its productive cost, it is a developed city in terms of commercial.

Knowledge about the Tel Aviv (Israel)

It is possible to visit Tel Aviv in every season. Its climate and weather are so mild that anyone can adopt easily. It has three different amazing festivals within the city: Tel Aviv International Tango Festival, Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, and lastly Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival. Each of the festivals begins in a different mount. The International Tango Festival begins in May; Gay Pride Parade begins in June; the Spirit Film Festival begins in October. Therefore, almost every season, you can attend a festival.

Historical Side of Tel Aviv (Israel)

In 1799, it was in Palestine land governed by the Ottoman Empire. In 1917, with World War I the things and lands began to show changes. When The English soldiers occupied the district, and arrangements were made about the right of Jewish living in Palestine. Their right was enhanced. When the Jewish escaped from Nazi Germany, they were all gathered in this area. When the population was increased, there were conflicts about the area. The United Nations handled the area and gave the area to Israel that was established in 1948 as a Jewish community. 

The Sightseeings of Tel Aviv (Israel)

Tel Aviv has a lot of beautiful natural and cultural sights. In the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, visitors can see the real amazing part of the city. Tel Aviv’ Yarkon Park, you can inhale the fresh and clean air with memorable views. Also, the Yarkon river will accompany with you to enjoy the city. Jaffa Port, the city shows its beauty and history in the -once- commercial port. Tel Aviv is worth to see each place on it.

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