Sydney (Australia) Travel Guide

Sydney Information

Sydney (Australia) is one of the most impressive cities of Australia and this continent. Located in the capital city, this city is also the continent’s most developed city. You can see huge increases in this city in terms of population, architecture, settlement, economy and financial aspects. This huge city covers an area of ​​12,144 kilometers and is almost a country in itself. Despite this, it has a population of only about 5 million. Her native language is English.

Sydney (Australia) History

In fact, looking at Sydney’s history will see more of the impact of British imperialism. Although the English language was not known for the locals before, the city was surrounded by British soldiers who came to this land in the 18th century and all Australia was exposed to the British siege. The Darug tribe living between Pittwater is known to live in this city, which proves that the city was originally founded in BC.

Places to Visit in Sydney (Australia)

Sydney is truly a corner of heaven and there are many places to see and see here. It will be a great advantage to be here and you will not only get to know a new culture, but you will also have the opportunity to see great places.

Sydney Opera House is the first place you want to come to this city and see and add it to your list. Here you will see that the world’s most advanced, active and professional arts are performed.

Sydney Bridge is the most important bridge symbolizing Sydney. It is also known as a statue of liberty.

Darling Harbor is one of the places where entertainment and consumption are highest. It has the quality to make you have a great time.

Sydney Tower is a fascinating tower where you can watch the view below from 305 meters high. You should definitely visit!

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