Stockholm(Sweden) Travel Guide

Stockholm Information

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, which is also the most crowded city in Sweden. It is the biggest city in Sweden among 20 cities. Its current population is 974.073. It is a city in Northern Europe. Its official language is Sweedish but still, most of the community knows English.

Informative Knowledge of Stockholm

Stockholm is the center of Sweden in terms of economy, culture, art. LakeMälaren makes the city more popular since it attracts all the tourist populations’ attention. Besides, it is frequently seen as one of the most livable cities in the world since it usually gets higher points from wealth and happiness tests. It lies in the area that Lake Malaren meets with the baltic sea. The city keeps its cold weather from the beginning of October. Therefore, it is better to visit Stockholm in the Summer season. Besides, in winter, the days are over too soon. However, You can do ice-skate on the frozen lakes.

The Historical Knowledge of Stockholm (Sweden)

The city lived through all the stages of paleolithic, bronze age, iron age. The biggest known settlement in Stockholm begins with the first Vikings’ location that is known. Until the 10th century, it continues to be seen as Birka in Vikings’ city. After the 10th century, a new monarchical governing appeared with the king of Sweden. It is a member of the European Union since 1915.

Sightseeings of Stockholm(Sweden)

When one says Stockholm, the first thing to visit is probably Aurora Borealis (the merry dancers). Gamla stan is a little island that comprises of historical and old royal buildings. Vasa museum is a great marine museum .

If you are interested in entertainment, you can visit Gröna Lund, which is a fun park having amusement shows, toys and concerts. If you are into natüre and fresh air, Tyresta National Park offers a good natüre walk and trekking with its beautiful sight. You can enjoy the great lake view of the national park.

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