Seoul (South Korea) Travel Guide

Seoul Information

Seoul (South Korea) is the capital of South Korea and one of the most well-known cities. In Seoul, which is a technology base, you can see really great buildings, architectural works, visual feasts, parks, gardens, museums and many more. The metropolitan population of this city is 26 million. Compared to Istanbul, you may be interested in this figure and ask Google immediately. But yes! They managed to fit this huge population in an area of ​​605 square kilometers.

History of Seoul (South Korea)

Japanese and Chinese civilizations attacked and gained sovereignty in this city which was first mentioned in the records in the first century BC. Currently, China and Japan have both political and cultural implications. In fact, this place was created by the Koguryo, Pence and Silla kingdoms, known as the Three Kingdoms, acting together. The most important turning point in the history of Seoul, which gained its independence in 1945, was undoubtedly the Korean War. The fate of the island has changed radically after this war.

Places to Visit in Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul is a very valuable city in terms of tourism with its wonderful harbors, underground and aboveground riches, bridges, gardens, natural beauties, museums, palaces, castles, monasteries, traditional clothes and temples and many more.

The National Korean Museum is one of the museums in Seoul that must be visited. You will witness many historical ruins in this museum.

Seoul Central Mosque is one of the mosques built by Muslims in the Korean war and it has really great architecture.

The War Museum is also home to artifacts that analyze and describe the toughest periods of the Korean War.

Namsan Park is a wonderful nature park to come and visit this city.

Unhyeongung Royal Palace is an impressive palace has a very different architecture of the palace in any country. We definitely recommend you to visit.

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