Santiago (Chili) Travel Guide

Santiago Information

Santiago, one of the most beautiful cities of Chile and at the same time its capital, is a city famous for its natural beauty and local people. This city is one of the places worth seeing with its 7 million population and educated people. The city is generally located in a mountainous area and its entire surroundings are covered with wide deltas and mountains. Spanish is the mother tongue in this city at the foot of the Andes.

History of Santiago

Santiago was discovered by a Spanish sailor named Pedro de Valdivia and came under Spanish domination. This city was first discovered on February 12, 1541 and became one of the important centers of colonism. Christianity has also become a common religion in this city after Spanish expeditions. The local people of the city were Mapuche, and the Spaniards exiled thousands of Mapuche people during this period. This city experiences an earthquake in 1647 that killed 12,000 people and changed all balances. By 1818, at the Battle of Maipú, the Spaniards were defeated by the local Chilean people and gained the freedom of Santiago.

Places to Visit in Santiago

A cathedral named Plaza de Armas will welcome you in this city for the first time. It should be noted that the Spanish and Portuguese people left huge architectural traces in this cathedral. San Francisco Church is also an important option for religious tourism.

The big and small mountains surrounding the city and the natural beauties on the skirts are also worth visiting.

San Cristóbal hill is one of the highest points of these mountains and will allow you to photograph the whole city in a very perfect way.

Palacio De La Moneda is the city’s most spectacular palace and we definitely want you to visit it.

San Cristobal Hill is also a region famous for its views and parks.

Again, museums, archaeological sites and parks are wonderful places to visit and witness the silhouette of this city.

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