Saint Petersburg (Russia) Travel Guide

Saint Petersburg Information

Saint Petersburg (Russia), which is one of the most favorite cities of Russia and even attracts more tourists from Moscow, has a population of over 5 million. This city, which has a huge area of ​​1,439 square kilometers, is an extremely perfect place in terms of tourism. This region, with its wonderful underground and aboveground riches, is one of the most impressive places in Russia. The houses of important people such as Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova and Rimsky-Korsakov have been located here, and therefore attract intense interest from literature lovers.

History of Saint Petersburg (Russia)

In this city, which reflects the historical texture of Russia, the Russian Tsar Petro has a great influence. Its buildings with rustic architecture reflect this in the deepest way. Surrounded by Nazi Germany, this region was saved after a 831-day siege and 1941 meant great poverty and famine for this city. In fact, novels such as Crime and Punishment, Fool, Oppressed, and White Nights also explained how problematic this period was.

Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg (Russia)

The Hermitage Museum is one of the most perfect places you might want to see. You may want to visit this excellent museum and witness the problems especially during the First World War period.

Winter Palace is a wonderful place equipped with the most advanced technologies and heating systems of that period as the winter palace of the former Russian Tsar Petro.

Voskresenia Khristova Church is a wonderful Protestant church that you are accustomed to seeing on TV. It is one of the places worth visiting.

Peterhof Palace is a smiling palace by the sea. An excellent option with its parks and gardens.

Kazan Cathedral is one of the most favorite temples of the Russians. And it will allow you to witness the visual feast.

The Russian State Museum offers great options for museum enthusiasts .

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