Rabat (Morocco) Travel Guide

Rabat Information

One of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, Rabat (Morocco) is the capital of Morocco. Though there is a diversity of folks, most of the communities living Rabat are either Arabs or Moors. Its official language is Arabic. However, it is possible to use French in official places like government buildings. The official religion is Islam.

Knowledge about the Rabat (Morroco)

In the city, it is possible to see two different kinds of climates: Mediterranean and desert climate. Inland of the city lives the desert climate. Rabat has located in the area that Boğu Regreg River disembogues its water to the sea on the northwest side. It is the center of Morocco to almost all extents. Political and government activities, and learning teaching activities appear here.  

The History of the Rabat (Morroco)

Its history based in BC 8000. The certain times of its settlements are the times we know as the Arabs’ conquering of Northern Africa. After 100 years their conquering, Rabat was begun to manage by Moroccan Muslims. It is one of the places that meet Islam early. Therefore, most of the folks re Muslims and their official religion is Muslim, too. In 1856 Spain; in 1912 French tried to conquer the district and colonize it. After the conflicts lasting long centuries, both the city and the country declared its independence with great joy.

The Sightseeings of Rabat (Morocco) that One Should Go

In Salé, the city exhibits all the old ruins and history of the city. Then, Hassan Tower would be another place to examine historically for hours. In 1195, it was commenced to build the longest minaret of a mosque.

However, when he died early, it was canceled and kept as a ruin.Both as architectural and historical value V. Muhammed Mozolesi should be seen, too. Kasbah of the Udayas and Andalusian Gardens will present to you all the natüre and the beauty of the city. While charming the visitors with its beauty and loveliness, it shows the essence of the city.

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