Nairobi (Kenya) Travel Guide

Nairobi Information

Nairobi, one of the most popular cities in Africa, is home to an educated and loving people. Spread over an area of ​​696 square kilometers, this city has become one of the largest cities in East Africa. This city, which is preferred as a port city due to the richness of underground water resources around it, really attracts attention as a perfect place where the economy and education life are separated from other regions. This region, also called the green city, attracts attention with its population of nearly 10 million and its flamboyant architecture.

History of Nairobi

This city, which was harassed frequently by European countries and was colonized by these countries for many years, was subjected to great black devastation by 1902 and forced blacks to be accepted as second class citizens. Other countries that have discovered their natural beauty have also invaded this region and have caused great socio-economic crises. This region, where Islam was widespread before, transitioned to Christianity in the late 1800s with the influence of the British and other exploiting states. It gained its independence in 1919.

Places to Visit in Nairobi

Nairobi can be called a full open air museum. In this city, which is one of the places where African culture can be lived deeply, Safari is perhaps the most interested tourist activity. In addition to these;

Giraffe Center is an outdoor safari where you can see thousands of giraffes.

Karen Blixen Museum is the museum where various items of foreigners who have come to Africa are exhibited.

We really recommend that you visit these wonderful hills that are the subject of fairy tales.

Elephant and Rhino Nursery is a park where you can witness the education and life of elephants.

Kenya Railway Museum is a museum built by the British when they come here.

The Bomas of Kenya is a place where Kenyan people are inspired by tribal life. It will draw your attention.

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