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Maldives is a wonderful country especially known for its nature and beaches. It is possible to experience extraordinary experiences in this small and intimate country of South Asia. Tourism is the main source of income in this country, which is known to consist of about 1,300 large and small islands or islets. Although it has around 1300 islands, only 250 of them are suitable for sedentary life and others are sold or rented to known people. More than 95% of Maldives are Muslims. Its population is around 300 thousand.

History of Maldives

The Maldives has a history that goes back hundreds of years. In fact, although they were initially irreligious, they later chose Buddhism. However, after Abul Barakat Al-Bar Bari came to this country for commercial purposes and gathered people around him and communicated Islam, people chose Muslims in a short time. After hundreds of years of exploitation by Portugal and the Dutch, 75 years of British exploitation continued, and then they gained their independence in 1965.

Places to Visit in Maldives

Malé Atoll is one of the smallest of the hundreds of Maldives islands and is a resting place for surfers. At the same time, this place is preferred for ceremonies and weddings from many countries of the world.

Ari Atoll, this large atoll is a wonderful living space consisting of around 200 islands. You can live on the island you want when you go.

Maafushi is an island full of wild sea animals.

Hulhumale is home to the most popular beaches of this country.

Hukuru Miskiy is a building with important decisions and legislative bodies as a government building.

Meeru is a deserted island where you can experience a romantic island.

Kuramathi is a wonderful region famous for its lagoons.

The National Museum is a wonderful museum that houses ancient artifacts.

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