Lisbon (Portugal) Travel Guide

Lisbon Information

Lisbon (Portugal) is the capital city of Portuguese. Currently, Lisbon’s population is 2,956,879 with the migrations it takes withing the countryside. It is one of the precious cities that link the two sides with the bridge of Vasco da Gama. This bridge is the longest bridge on the continent. Additionally, its weather offers touristic trips almost in any season. Since it is quite close to the equator, it keeps its hot weather until the end of November. 

Informative Knowledge of Lisbon (Portugal)

The famous Rio Tejo (the river of Tejo) lies under the city delivering a perfect view for tourists. Lisbon is the city that lies in not only the Rio Tejo but also lies on the hills like Istanbul. It is strangely so similar that it also lies on seven hills on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. The famous Rio Tejo flows its river to this ocean. Even though indeed it is a small city with the opportunities of it, it attracts people to itself. The roads in Lisbon are little uphills and downhills.

The History of Lisbon

It is one of the oldest locations in the world. As known and discovered, the first community settled on the land of Lisbon is the Phoenicians, which based in BC 1200. Its harbor was useful for commercials. Therefore, it was used fort hat purpose.

It was a fertile and productive city due to its location by the river. And AD it was occupied by some Muslim North African communities. Spain took it back making it their own land. Lastly, Portugal has gained its freedom from Spain as well. It is a very rich history. 

Sights of Lisbon That One Should See

You should see the bridge Vasco da Gama lying on the seven hills. It is the longest and one of the oldest bridges in Europe. The Tagus river is the second place one should visit there. It offers great sightseeing. On one side of the city, you would adore the Statue of Christ. You can it’s equivalent in Rio de Janerio. You can enjoy the city with the Santa Justa Lift or from the top of Sao Jorge Castle.

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