Helsinki (Finland) Travel Guide

Helsinki Information

Helsinki (Finland), which is the capital of Finland, is also known as the largest city in the country. In addition to 1 million 147 thousand metropolitan population, the city population is around 645 thousand. Having an area of ​​215.12 square kilometers, this city is located in the farthest region in the south of Finland. This city of Finland, a Scandinavian country, is also known as the city in the northernmost region of Europe.

Helsinki (Finland) History

In fact, Helsinki (Finland) was a Swedish city. Established in 1555, this city was highly valued by the Swedish Kingdom for the purpose of carrying out more commercial activities. This city, which has been constantly harassed by the Russian and Swedish Kingdoms throughout history, and even faced one of the biggest city fires in the world, gained its freedom after the internal uprising of the early 20th century and Helsinki became the capital in this context.

Helsinki (Finland) Attractions

Suomenlinna is one of the regions that should be visited by people visiting Helsinki (Finland). This place is truly a corner of heaven and a complete source of peace with its blue waters and green forests. Helsinki (Finland) Cathedral will be waiting for you as one of the places for those who are interested in religious tourism. Here it has previously hosted a structure in Roman knitting and architecture.

Temppeliaukion Church is a wonderful area that will attract your attention as a church carved into the rocks. We are sure that you will enjoy being in this area built hundreds of years ago.

Market Square is an area where people who want to come to Helsinki can stroll and shop. Here you can add historical and modern buildings to your photo frame. The Sibelius Monument is a wonderful monument and you can explore the natural structures around it by visiting here. Uspenski Cathedral is also an area where you can visit and host Russian architecture.

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