El Calafate (Argentina) Travel Guide

El Calafate Information

El Calafate is an excellent city famous for Argentina‘s mountains, hills and mountainous areas. In this city, you will not only visit places that will affect you visually, but you will also provide a peaceful and clean air. This is truly a place to experience to discover a magnificent Argentine culture on site with your loved ones. Although its population is only 10 thousand, it exceeds 50 thousand in total with those coming from the surrounding cities.

El Calafate History

Although El Calafate’s history goes back many years, its establishment as a settlement dates back only 300 years. People from the interior of Argentina in the early 18th century came here and decided to build a more modern village. Although it has a population of around 100 thousand after a while, then the population started to decrease rapidly with the effect of urbanization.

Places to Visit in El Calafate

There are many places to visit in El Calafate. We wanted to share some of these with you. Here are a few of them

Glaciarium Patagonian Ice Museum, as an extremely modern museum, gives you great opportunities to experience South American culture on site.

Estancia Cristina is a huge lake covered with glaciers and we are sure it will impress you.

Los Glaciares National Park is a wonderful park, again featuring glaciers and will captivate you with its scenery.

Reserva Laguna Nimez is often referred to as a lake and bird paradise, which is home to flamingo bird species.

Walichu Tip (Cuevas Gualicho) is an underground life center that is thought to be the oldest inhabitants of Argentina.

Estancia 25 de Mayo is a wonderful area surrounded by mountains, where you can go horse riding and other activities.

Intendencia Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is a favorite place famous for its parks.

Cruceros Marpatag is a region you can choose for shopping and sightseeing.

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