Casablanca (Morocco) Travel Guide

Casablanca Information

Traveling mostly to the depths of history as a Spanish colony, Casablanca is one of the most valuable cities of Morocco and perhaps North Africa. With its history, living conditions, culture and unknowns, this city is a port city adjacent to the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean. The face of this city, which has a resident population of about 4 million, is 324 square kilometers. This city, which means Spanish white house, is waiting to welcome tourists with all its beauty.

Casablanca History

Casablanca is a port city established in the 7th century and established. This city, which was reconstructed in 1756, remained as Spanish exploitation for many years and carried the traces of Spanish civilizations. Actually, it is seen that it was home to Ottoman and Arab civilizations and it has provided important gains to Arab civilizations for years as a very important port city especially during the Umayyad period.

Places to Visit in Casablanca

Casablanca is truly an extraordinary city that appeals to those who want to travel to history in every sense. In this city, you can find wonderful architectural structures, palaces and caves where you can trace both eastern and western civilizations. In the settled life, you can also experience the modern construction.

II. Hasan Mosque is one of Casablanca’s most magnificent and historical mosques. In the mosque, stone domes and long courtyard are extremely remarkable.

Casablanca Cathedral, this cathedral made by the Spaniards, is also known as one of the largest Catholic cathedrals in North Africa.

Rick’s Café offers the most appreciated Moroccan and Spanish dishes to those who come to this city and want to experience traditional Spanish flavors.

Arab League Park awaits you as one of Morocco’s largest city parks.

Mohammed V Square, Casablanca is a market that modern shopping lovers can visit.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism is the museum where many holy relics belonging to Jews are exhibited. It is still the region that causes major problems with Israel.

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