Cartagena (Colombia) Travel Guide

Cartagena Information

Cartagena (Colombia) is one of the leadings of Colombia as a tourist destination with its precious beaches. Besides, the city is under the protection of UNESCO. Even though its official language is Spanish, there are hundreds of local living languages since there is a diversity of folks.

The Knowledge of Cartagena (Colombia)

Cartagena is known as a magical city of the Caribbean ıslands. The historical city center surrounded walls is taken under the protection of Unesco. The district involves Plaza de La Trinidad, which is one of the oldest places. The city is a combination of the oldest and newest places, which divide the city into the new city and the old city. The city has a tropical climate. It is better to visit it in spring and summer, which are the seasons of the festivals as well. The city is famous for its festivals and amusements, too.

The Historical Knowledge of Cartagena (Colombia)

Once the city hosted one of the amazing emperors: The Incas. The city has been occupied for years since it has been fertile and a productive harbor that is useful for both commercial and agriculture. It has been under the colonization of Spain for a long time. Until the 19th century, the century that Napolian occupied Spain, they stayed under its colonization. In 1886, they won their freedom war and began being the independent Colombian Republic.

The Sightseeings of Cartagena (Colombia)

For historical monuments, there are great places to visit like Plaza Santo Domingo, Baluarte de Santo Domingo, Torre del Reloj, Portal de Los Dulces, Cathedral Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Since they are all historical places, they were mostly placed in the old city, the old part of Cartagena.

For shopping centers, La Serrezuela and Plaza Bocagrande Centro Comercial will charm you. There are a lot of districts for trekking and diving sports involving Taroa Adventures, Paraiso Dive Cartagena, and  Tours Ecoway Cartagena. Both in the new city and the old city, you will find museums as well. Choco Museo and Caribe Jewelry Museum & Factory are the two museums that you will find interesting and amazing.

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