Cape Town (South Africa) Travel Guide

Cape Town Information

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most known and modern cities. It is also one of the oldest settlements in Africa. Cape Town, which is one of the important cities of the country with its population of 3 million 750 thousand, is also known as the trade and tourism region. Although French is a native language, English and other local African languages ​​are also used in the city. It is a region that is also appreciated with its university and commercial center base.

Cape Town (South Africa) History

Cape Town has been under the control of many civilizations throughout history and conquests from many parts of the world. It has changed hands frequently by the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France and some Arab countries and has adopted the British rule most. In this city, the impact of British colonialism is very high, but the French commune restructuring is also high.

In fact, in this city where Muslims and dark skinned people are concentrated, the rulers are white and non-Muslim people.

Places to Visit in Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town is truly a corner of heaven and great places to spend your perfect time here. Cape Town, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities of the country, is the most visited city after Johannesburg.

Table Mountain is one of the most worth seeing places in the city. This is a real paradise corner, and even for this reason it is necessary to come to this city. You can visit here for the community of mountains that will decorate your dream. You can go from one end to the other with the cable car.

Cape of Good Hope is a region where Portuguese explorers discover this city and build important trade centers. You will not be able to say no to a boat tour to this region, which has a lot of underground and aboveground riches.

Robben Island is famous for the prisons where Nelson Mandela, who is one of the symbolic names of South Africa, and which enables her to gain independence, is lying and exiled. It will be a great experience to be here.

Robben Museum will also be waiting for you on this island and you can see the perfect creations here.

The Ceomel Monument is one of South Africa’s iconic monuments and one of the most wonderful places to watch the sky.

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