Brussels (Belgium) Travel Guide

Brussels Information

Brussels (Belgium), the capital of Europe, draws attention with its extremely modern architecture and regular urbanization. Located in the central part of Belgium and measuring 414 thousand square kilometers, this city has a population of over 1 million 110 thousand. It is one of the most multicultural cities of Belgium and its population, with its villages, exceeds 2 million.

Brussels (Belgium) History

In fact, this region, which was completely marshy and desert 300 years ago, emerged when the marsh dried up and turned into a valuable city with urbanization steps.In 580, this region was tried to be improved by the Roman Empire of the period and became the center of many religious orders and religious concepts. Anglo Saxon is known as one of the places where religious education began to spread.

Brussels (Belgium) Places to Visit

There are so many great places to visit in this city that it is easily understood why this is the capital of the EU. This city, which stands out with its historical basilicas, city museums,extraordinary open-air museums, modern buildings and extremely perfectly organized building architectures, will be waiting for you with all its beauties.

In fact, one of the features that makes Brussels (Belgium) a great destination is Grand Place, which is the region that allows it to be included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

This area is a region that combines wonderful and modern designs with the harmony of antiquity.There are wonderful areas that you will be excited to be here and anyone who wishes can visit these places freely.

Nearly every day in the field of Art and Culture, the city’s important theater actors, ballerinas, artists and singers perform. And generally these places attract people’s attention and create a very crowded ambiance. We definitely recommend you come to discover how fun and wonderful this place is. We invite you to this wonderful experience, alone or with your loved ones.

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